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Laptop and Desktop Computer Repair Services

Ace IT Support offer quality PC repair service for residential and business users around Hobart area in Tasmania. Our representative can visit your premise and take care of the issues or we can collect the device, fix and deliver back to you. We help you find the most convenient services within your budget. Our experienced and highly trained technicians can effectively service and repair tablet, notebook, desktop and server by any manufacturer. We aim to keep our customers satisfied with our services so that we can have a durable business relationship with them.

Most importantly, we provide guarantee on every service. This simply ensures that your gadget is in safe hands. You can rely on us for all your needs regarding PC repair.

Our Computer Repair Services

  • Virus Removal – Remove Trojan, Spyware, Adware, Malware and other infections
  • System Security – Secure system with proper protection
  • Tune-Up – Clean system and remove bloatware for optimal performance
  • Software & Hardware Maintenance
  • Software & Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Broken Glass Screen and LCD Display Replacement
  • Touchpad Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Power Socket Repair
  • General Repairs – all other computer related repairs

Along with our general repairing and troubleshooting service, we can also

  • Configure New Tablet, Notebook, Desktop Computer and Server
  • Data Transfer to New Device
  • Component Upgrade: Solid State Drive (SSD), Hard Drive (HDD), Memory (RAM) etc
  • Install Home and Office Network or Upgrade Existing Networking Devices
  • Install Software & Hardware
  • Update and Upgrade Operating System - Android and Microsoft Windows
  • Troubleshoot Software & Hardware
  • Setup Wired, Wireless (Wi-Fi) and Mobile Network
  • Setup Voice over IP Phones (VOIP), Printer and other Peripherals
  • Data Recovery - Deleted or inaccessible storage media
  • Data Backup Solution, so that you do not lose any important data – Cloud, Remote and Local Backup
  • Secure Data Destruction - Before Disposing Your Old Device
  • Complete and Constant Maintenance solution for Home and Business
  • Insurance Quote - Asses device and provide report for insurance purpose

Save Time

Whether you work from home or utilize your device to check email and browse internet, it could be a huge hassle when your laptop or desktop computer breaks down. When you have gone online and not knowingly downloaded malicious software that is causing your laptop to slow down, you need a technician who can service right away as any delay might worsen the case.

Rather than spending your precious time surfing internet and troubleshooting it on your own, or waiting for your friends to have the time to check your device, seeking our computer repairs specialist means your concerns will be managed right away.

Data Backup

Anytime your PC computer or notebook breaks down, you could risk losing important information and data. Seeking a PC repair technician will guarantee that you are able to retrieve as much information and data as possible.

Get Maintenance Tips

Whether it is for notebook repair, or virus removal, one of the major benefits of hiring us for your laptop repair is that, we will also offer you tips on how to prevent the same problems again down the road. We will be able to inform you how to catch warning indications, and when you need to update the software of your gadget as well.

Getting a laptop repair service will guarantee a properly working computer and laptops at all times. Apart from that, by employing mobile PC repair service, you do not need to be overly concerned when it comes to the accidental damage, which may happen while getting your notebook to the repair shop. Rest assured that our team could help you solve any of your laptop and PC repair issues.

Majority of notebook and desktop could be repaired easily by our technicians. Therefore, if you are in search of computer services in Hobart, ACE IT Support got you covered.

Service Major Brands and Others

Acer | Apple | Asus | ASRock | Dell | Hewlett-Packard (HP) | Lenovo | Samsung | Toshiba | EVGA | Fujitsu | Gigabyte | LG | Compaq | IBM | Intel | Metabox | MSI | Sony |

PC Repairs
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