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Data Backup

Whether you are the owner of a company or a home user, data plays a vital role in making important decisions and achieving desired growth. We understand that it is a valuable asset for your company’s growth and thus we offer safe and fast data backup service to our clients. Via our extremely safe and secure back up plan, you can safeguard your complete valuable data in a protected environment. We also assist you in managing the preservation and set up plan for your company so that you are able to focus on growth and other vital aspects related to the business. We provide following data back up plans:

Local Backup

You do not need to be stressed about the loss of your important information caused by network speed or any other way. We will help you get your files back by assisting you at your premises.

Cloud Backup

Ace IT Support offers Cloud Backup plans for Home and business. We help you to find great data support online. With us, your data is completely secure and only you can access the same.

Remote Backup

We assist in protecting our clients data by remote backup as well. Our remote backup solutions are safe, speedy, and economical when it comes to safeguarding the important information.

Data Recovery

Ace IT Support has years of experience in offering effective data recovery services to customers. If you are in trouble and need our assistance to recover your data in most professional manner, just get in touch. Our aim is to provide secure and fast recovery solutions to our clients. We have highly trained professionals who have great experience in data recovery. We are providing the best and fastest recovery services for all kinds of corrupt, lost, deleted and hard to find data.

We are effective and successful in getting your lost data back from all kinds of storage media such as zip drive, laptops, pen drive, flash memory, hard disk, optical media, cell phones, magnetic film and disks, server and many others.

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